After Corona Virus, Now Hanta Virus Havoc

After the corona virus, the Hanta virus has caused panic all around. According to the news of Global Times, one person died due to Hanta virus in China on 23rd March. There were 32 more people who were traveling in the bus in which this person infected with Hanta virus was traveling.

Our aim is not to scare you at all, but to give the right information so that you are alert.

What is Hanta virus and how does it spread?

Before you understand the Hanta virus, you must understand that there are more than 4 lakh viruses on this entire earth, out of which only around 200 have been named viruses. In every 1-2 years a new virus arrives, this Corona, Hanta, Dengue, Malaria, H1N1, SARS is also one of them. But they are used on us as a biological weapon. They are made by modifying in the LAB to spread the epidemic in humans so that the big pharma companies can spread the fear of virus and do the medicine business and thus serve their purposes.

This is a planned conspiracy in which China and other countries are successful.

You see, a simple viruses can never spread as much epidemic as these modified viruses have spread. So can’t viruses like Corona and Hanta be eradicated?

First of all you should know what the virus is?

The virus is a very small unicellular organism. The virus has been in dormancy on this earth for many years. As soon as the virus reaches the cells present in the body, it wakes up and after waking up it starts growing its offspring. These viruses are dead outside the body but they become alive inside the body.

This virus is an unicellular organism like a seed of a plant. Just as a seed can survive for thousands of years without air, water and soil and in the same way a virus can also survive and remain dormant for many years if it doesn’t get any living cell. As soon as the virus finds a living cell it becomes alive and begins to increase its lineage.

You should always remember that till date no medicine has been made in this world that can eliminate the virus.

All the antibiotic drugs that you eat to eliminate the virus actually destroy bacteria and not the virus. Only our immune power (immunity) can eradicate the virus and this immune power constantly fights bacteria and viruses so that we can survive.
Our body is like a country and the Immune System Army of this country keeps fighting against these invisible terrorist bacteria and viruses every moment.

When this “Immune System Army” becomes very weak, then this terrorist virus and bacteria accumulate in our country like body and then the person dies.

You must remember that as long as our immune system forces remain strong and powerful, there is no way for any terrorist viruses and bacteria to cause any harm to your body. You just have to understand when your immune system is getting weak. People start using antibiotics in a simple fever due to fear and due to this both good and bad bacteria are killed. This has a very bad effect on the immune system. The immune system deliberately increases body temperature in fever so that it can kill the virus and it has been proven that a one degree increase in body temperature reduces the growth of the virus by 97%. But we eat paracetamol to reduce body temperature. So will our immune system not be weak in such a situation?

You should remove from your mind that eating any antibiotic medicine can cure our fever. Because in fever too, only the outside virus attacks and the body cures the fever. By eating antibiotic and antacid tablets we cause obstruction in the functioning of the immune system and a 3-day curing fever takes 6 to 7 days and we think what would have happened to me if this antibiotic was not there. But we do not know how big a problem we have created. Next time we will get fever very soon but at that time fever will come with high headache, cough, sore throat and chest phlegm. This is the promotion of the earlier fever that we have done by eating antibiotics and this promotion happens every time and finally manifests itself as a major disease.

Friends, you just have to understand that why the virus is not present in any way, it cannot survive in our body for more than three days, that means this body cannot live more than 3 days whether it is corona, Hanta, Nipah, Zika, Chikungunya, Dengue Or even if it is H1N1, it cannot live longer than 3 days.
To increase the immune power and eliminate the virus, you need 2 elements the most. First, Zinc and second Vitamin C. If the right amount of these is given to our body at the right time, no virus can spread any infection in the body. You should always be aware that whenever flu symptoms appear in your body such that the temperature of the body suddenly starts rising, coughing or sore throat, then immediately from the same day Zinc and Take Vitamin-C in your body, but through which medium do we have to deliver it and what is its correct diet? It is very important for you to know it well because after knowing this diet, you can remove any virus or any fever from your body in just 3 days.

If you want to know how this diet works and if you want to know the science behind it, then tell us in the comment. We will make a post for you. One more thing, whether it is corona, Hanta or anything else, we do not have to be afraid of it. Because in Ayurveda it is said that Sadness (Sorrow, Anxiety) reduces Vyadhikshmattva i.e. (Immunity Power) and disease increases.

Fever can be of any type like Dengue, Chikungunya and Malaria etc. But there is no need to panic. This recipe has been tried many times. Young children who fear the name of medicine can also do it.

First day – Take 600 ML juice of any fruit in Mousambi (sweet lemon), Pineapple or Orange and also take 600 ML fresh Coconut water.
Now divide it into 12 parts equal to 100 ML and you have to drink one portion every hour. For example, you have to consume fruit juice in the first hour and coconut water in the second hour, so it will take 12 hours to consume it and you will see that your fever will not go above 98°C and 100°C. This is for the first day, in this you do not have to take any kind of cook food, take special care of this.

Second day – Now your dose will remain for the second day, just this time we will divide it into 6 parts according to 200 ML instead of 100 ML. That is, every dose of 200 ML is to be taken every hour, your dose will end in 6 hours. As soon as our 6-hour dose is complete, after 2 hours you have to take Cucumber and Tomato salad. Which is to be taken separately like if you have taken Cucumber first, then after 1 hour you have to take Tomato. You will see that your fever will remain around 98°C and 99°C and you will feel healthy.

Third Day – Now comes the third and last day, this time we will distribute it in 4 parts according to 300 ML.
That is, every dose of 300 ML is to be taken in every hour and it will be completed in 4 hours. After the process is over, you can take tomatoes and cucumbers, by the third day in the evening, you will be cured. In the evening you can take light food like Pulses, Khichdi etc. Now you will find yourself healthy and no virus will harm you. Even if it is a Corona virus.

On the fourth day, if you want, you can be sure by doing your test, you will be free from viruses. Friends, please share this information to your friends, relatives and on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media sites so that everyone can take advantage of it.


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